memberships / subscriptions overview

Subscription and Membership Management Made Easy

MemberOS is an all-in-one membership management solution that helps associations leverage their member data, engage members and drive growth. 

Collect Valuable First-Party Member Data

Because every system works together inside MediaOS, data easily flows from one system to the next, letting you collect and leverage that first-party member data. Use this to make informed decisions, improve content strategies, create targeted email campaigns, and boost subscription rates. 

Engage Members with Highly-Targeted Communication

MemberOS lets you easily segment your members by a variety of factors, including: interests, preferences, behaviors, demographics, content consumption, and more—increasing your conversion and retention rates. 

Control Your Content with an Integrated Paywall Solution

Our integrated paywall makes it easy to protect your member-only content and control who can access it. Plus, get detailed readership reporting and demographic data on the backend to help you maximize your efforts.

Gain Insight into Your Members' Preferences

Our membership management software lets you easily collect information on what content your members are interacting with across your site and the content they’re getting in their custom newsletters. 

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