Events / Expo Floor plan

Optimize Your Events With Custom Expo Floor Plans

MemberOS makes it easy to make the most out of your event’s layout. Efficiency is the name of the game—you won’t waste a single square foot! 

Map Out Your Floor Plan

MediaOS helps create a map of your event’s custom floor plan, then exhibitors take it from there. Exhibitors can quickly and easily choose their space using our self-serve checkout process. Sales are accounted for in real-time, so you’ll never lose track of event space. 

Interactive Floor Plan Solution to Easily Manage Sponsors, Booths, and More

Keep on top of all the moving pieces with our interactive floor plan event management solution. Let us help you easily manage, sell, and grow your events from beginning to end.

Easily Customize to Fit Your Needs

Custom expo floor plans give your team the flexibility to accommodate changing needs. From small industry events to massive expos—the floor plan can easily be scaled to meet your requirements.

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