Platform / Data Security

Security for Every Operation

Our customer data is highly protected under industry leading standards. Whatever you need to do, you can trust that your information is secure within MemberOS.

Secure File Uploads

You shouldn’t need to sacrifice convenience for security. Our user-friendly interface ensures both safety and ease of use, seamlessly walking you through the secure file uploading process.

Privacy Protection

MemberOS comes with top-notch encryption protocols that keep all the data between your browser and our servers safe and private. No worries about anyone snooping around—your info stays confidential with us.

Restricted Access

We’ve got your back with firewalls and threat monitors in place to stop any attacks in their tracks. Only the right people get access to specific data or features on our platform—it’s like a VIP pass for authorized personnel. Each user gets just what they need, so no worries about unauthorized peeks at your info.

Peace of Mind Guarranteed

You can relax knowing your files and personal info are in good hands. We’ve got them covered with encryption while they’re stored and while they’re on the move. With our strict security routines, frequent updates and sticking to the best practices in the business, your privacy stays intact and your data remains shielded at all times.

Quick Support

Our dedicated team of experts is here round the clock, ready to guide you through making the most of our security measures and sorting out any worries about your data.

We keep multiple backups—hot swaps, local copies and extras stored with secondary providers beyond Amazon Web Services.

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