Membership Platform / Customization

Flexible to Fit Your Needs, Customizable to Fit What You Want.

MemberOS is built to be the all-in-one solution for associations, but you shouldn’t have to deal with stubborn, inflexible software. That’s why our software is flexible enough to fit your needs, and customizable enough to make it work for you and your team. 

Customize Your Pipelines

Customize your processes in MemberOS. Whether it’s tracking leads, artwork design, invoice collection, or many others, customized pipelines will help you automate processes and increase efficiency.

See Customized Reports Or
Build Your Own

Customize dashboards and reports to get the exact configuration you need. In MemberOS, we’ve got a report for almost anything you’d need inside the system, but a build-your-own report, where you can customize every part of the data and its presentation. 

Create Custom Templates

Infuse proposals, contracts, emails, and more with your company branding and preferred layouts. This customization lets you create a consistent look and feel for all your documents across your organization.

Define Specific Data with Custom Fields

Have a specific metric you want to include on your reports? Add a custom field for it. You can define custom data fields for leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, so you can tailor the system to match your unique data requirements

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