Platform / Automation Workflows

Unlimited Workflows

With MemberOS, you can set up automations for just about anything you want. That includes:

  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Ad collection
  • More

Let workflows handle the tedious stuff so that you can improve efficiency, save time and reduce human error.

Say Goodbye To Repetitive Tasks

If you’re spending more than a half-hour on a task every week, then it needs to be automated. Offloading repeat tasks helps increase production and keeps your business running efficiently.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Eliminate manual tasks so that your employees can make the most out of their time

Increased Accuracy & Consistency

Tasks are performed following predefined rules and logic, reducing errors and delivering consistently good results

Savings & Resource Optimization

Reducing the need for manual labor means you can reallocate your resources and save money

Automate Lead Management

Set your sales team free with workflows. Automatically assign leads to sales representatives, send personalized follow-up emails, and schedule reminders for timely follow-ups. 


Event-triggered notifications can be set up to alert about new leads, closed deals, or upcoming campaign milestones.

Streamline Contract Generation

Simplify the way you close the deal. The platform automatically generates customized proposals and contracts based on predefined templates.

Automate Billing and Invoicing

You can set up automated workflows to generate invoices and send them to advertisers based on agreed-upon terms and schedules.

Renewal and Upsell Workflows

 Send reminders to sales reps to reach out to advertisers before their campaigns expire and explore options for renewal or additional ad placements.

Performance Reporting

Give your advertisers a look behind the scenes. Workflows can automatically generate and distribute ad performance reports with special insights and important key metrics.

Integration with Ad Operations

Streamline processes like ad trafficking, ad delivery, and performance tracking by integrating automated workflows with ad operations systems. 

Workflows for Email Campaigns

MemberOS has built-in tools for creating and sending automated email campaigns to advertisers. Workflows can be set up to trigger email sequences based on specific events, such as:


  • Welcoming new clients
  • Sending campaign performance updates
  • Promoting special offers
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