Associations / Sales Management

Easily Manage and Organize
Your Sales Team

Custom dashboards give you a 1,000 foot overview of your sales team’s pipelines, performance, revenue, and communication—so you get a sense of where your business is tracking at a glance.

Score Leads Based on Business Goals

Automatically score leads based on a variety of customizable factors to give you and your team a visual cue to the strength of each lead.

Sales Pipeline Management

Track the progress of your ad sales leads and deals through a customizable sales pipelines. MemberOS provides visibility into the status of each task, helping sales teams stay organized and proactive. Create tasks associated with each deal, such as: 

Keep Tabs on Your Advertisers in Real Time

The MemberOS activity feed provides a complete timeline of every interaction and sale related to a contact so you can see a complete view of your history with an advertiser. This includes: 

Featured Articles

Transitioning the Sales Process with Smart Automation

Omaha Publishing transitioned their antiquated sales process into the future with the smart automation in MemberOS. Read more about how they credit MemberOS with their ability to now sell digital products.

Using Goals for Performance Management and Sales Coaching

Texas Monthly set custom goals within MemberOS to incentivize their sales team, manage performance, and easily identify sales reps who needed more coaching. Read more about how they incentivize their employees.

MemberOS helps businesses achieve their sales goals with software automation.

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