Website Tools / Events Calendar

Connect Members with Local Events

Bring local advertisers on board to showcase their upcoming events on your site calendar. Manage and upload all these events hassle-free with our convenient WordPress plugin—it’s all under one roof for your ease.

This isn't your average events calendar.

Everything seamlessly connects to help you build community and increase revenue.

Embed Calendars on Other Sites

Get ready to spread your wings! With this, your SEO game is about to hit the stratosphere.

Connect to the Business Directory

Your advertisers are putting on events the community needs to know about, and you can be the source. 

Sell Tickets to
Local Events

You’re not just sharing event info with the community, you’re also hooking them up with ways to get in on the action!

Readers Can Easily Upload and Post Events

Who better than your readers to know what’s up in the community? Get their input and let them lend a hand in keeping everyone in the loop.

Seamless WordPress Integrations

The MemberOS Events Calendar is designed to seamlessly integrate into your site—no hassle, no need for custom builds or landing pages.

Events Calendar Connects to Your Newsletters

The MemberOS Events Calendar seamlessly links with your newsletters, automatically fetching the events your readers are checking out and adding them to their custom newsletters. Plus, easily spotlight a handful (or more) of featured events in your newsletter blasts for that extra oomph in reaching your audience.

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