An All-in-One Membership Management Solution for Associations

Gone are the days of silo-d data and using ten different systems to get one result. MemberOS combines all your solutions in one platform, allowing data to flow easily between the them all. 

From events, to email, to subscriptions, to customer data management—get everything you need all in one easy-to-use platform.

Data-Centric Email Communication with Granular Targeting

Because data flows seamlessly through each system in MemberOS, you can easily pull data and engagement metrics from any point in the customer journey and use it to create the perfect granular targeting. 

Customer Data Management for Easy Segmentation

Easily group and segment customers based on preferences, purchase history, and interactions, so later you can laser-target your marketing, messaging, and offerings to each individual segment. 

Keep Visitors Updated and Excited

 Pop-ups are an easy way to make sure your members never miss an important date. You can:

Our software makes it simple to get the most from your pop-up plan.

Searchable Member Directory

Easily search members by category, keyword, and sector to create targeted groups for email, marketing, and more. 

Automated Email Creation

MemberOS tracks the content, events, and information your subscribers are already interacting with on your website, and automatically generates a dynamic, personalized newsletter for each individual member. No additional work needed. 

Customizable Paywalls to Meet Your Needs

Tailor your content offerings to fit your needs and your customer’s preferences with flexible subscription models, including: 

Collect Valuable Analytics and Customer Insights

Let the numbers tell you what’s working best. Track the performance of your pop-ups with our comprehensive analytics. You have the power to monitor conversion rates, click-throughs, and engagement metrics—all in the same place.

Build Engagement with Community Forums

MemberOS’ Community Forums provide a powerful platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and engagement. Cultivate a vibrant community around your content—ultimately leading to greater brand loyalty and a more interactive reader experience.

Integrate Seamlessly

We help you make pop-ups that smoothly integrate with your website for an immersive user experience. When it comes to format, you have full control– do whatever you need to optimize the effectiveness of your pop-ups. 

Easily Create and Manage Events

Everything seamlessly connects to help you build community and increase revenue.

Embed Calendars with Event Info

Easily drag and drop your event calendar into your website, letting you leverage all the SEO benefits.

Collect Member Insight Data

Your advertisers are putting on events the community needs to know about, and you can be the source. 

Sell Tickets to

Not only can you provide the community with a list of events, you can help them get in, too. 

Reduce Drop-Off and Collect More Insights with Single Sign-On (SSO)

MemberOS automatically logs your members in when they click a link in an email, return to your site for an event, or interact with your site—letting you collect that engagement data and reducing the friction for your members.

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