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Grow Your Audience Through Powerful Email & Newsletter Automation

Save time and money while delivering the right content at the right time with the email and newsletter automation in MemberOS.

Effortlessly Customize Your Communication

Show your readers you know them. Because data flows seamlessly through each system in MemberOS, you can easily pull data and engagement metrics from any point in the customer journey and use it to create the perfect granular targeting. 


A Full Service Email Provider—Right Inside the Platform You're Already Using.

No more third-party email plugins or janky integrations. MemberOS comes with a full service email provider to replace the one you’re already using—saving you time and money. 

Use Member Data to Create Highly-Tailored Audience Segments

Easily segment your members by: interests, preferences, behaviors, demographics, content consumption, and more—increasing conversion and retention rates. 

Personalize the Entire Customer Journey

Personalized communication isn’t limited to just email. With MemberOS, easily turn that data and engagement metrics into a fully-targeted customer journey—spanning email, social, display ads and more. 

Automated Email Creation

MemberOS tracks the content, events, and information your subscribers are already interacting with on your website, and automatically generates a dynamic, personalized newsletter for each individual member. No additional work needed. 

Reduce Drop-Off with Single Sign-In

No more hassle trying to remember passwords or resetting it—again. When your subscribers engage with a CTA in an email or return to your site for an event, MemberOS automatically logs them into their account. Hassle free. 

Automatically Populate Newsletters with Content and Events

MemberOS creates customized newsletters based on the information you have about each of your customers. The system automatically pulls the content, events, and more your customers have been engaging with on the site to create fully customized email marketing without all the work.

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