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Maximize Your Ad Targeting with Our Plug-and-Play Ad Server

Because every system works together inside MemberOS, you now have the data you need to streamline yourdelivery and hyper-segment your ads.

Hyper-Segmented Ad Capabilities

Because MemberOS is an all-in-one solution, the data you’re continually collecting on your members’ activity, preferences and behaviors flows seamlessly from one platform to another. Meaning you now have the ability to hyper-segment and target your ads. 

Drag-and-Drop WordPress Integration

The process is as simple as copying the custom coding our development provides and pasting it where you want it on your WordPress site. No custom coding required on your end.

Easily Attach Ad Server Reports to Invoices

In MemberOS, you can automatically attach a custom ad server report for the ad’s last 30 days’ performance to your invoices, making it easy for billing clients. 

Get Detailed Ad Performance Metrics

MemberOS gives you detailed reporting on clicks, hovers, and CTRs by device for every ad you run in our ad server. 

Fully Integrated

Fits effortlessly within your tech stack, streamlining ad sales, creation and delivery.

Easily Drops into Site

Can it really be as simple as copy and paste? Yes it can. 

WordPress Friendly

If WordPress is your thing, we’ve got you covered. We’re just here to make it easier.

Convenient and Easy

Ads instantly serve over from the system.

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