Website Tools / Google Ad manager integration

Easily Manage Your Digital Ads with Google Ad Manager Integration

Our full integration with Google Ads Manager lets you move faster, sell more, and stay organized. 

Faster Production. Accurate Invoicing.

Upgrade your team’s productivity by keeping your entire ad process in one platform. MemberOS’ full integration with Google Ad Manger lets you quickly launch ads and accurately invoice for them later. 


MemberOS’ Google Ad Manager integration keeps all your ad work in one platform.


MemberOS’ Advertiser Portal makes it easy for clients to check and approve ad designs. 


Our CRM automatically pulls in delivery results from Google Ad Manager and attaches them to your invoices. 

Quickly Pull Delivery Results and Insights

MemberOS’ CRM automatically pulls delivery results, allowing you to see data on current ad sales and revenue without spending the time tracking it down.

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