3 Tips for Optimizing Your Collections

According to Experian, trends are pointing toward 2023 being a busy year for debt collectors. The S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Composite shows defaults have steadily increased since late 2021. Not to mention, relatively high-interest rates, volatile market conditions, and recession worries among consumers. Many publishers and various advertising outlets are putting their collection strategy at […]

Benefits of In-Person Onboarding

Hands-On Learning There are no shortage of studies proving that hands-on learning has a significant impact on retaining information. It is shown to better engage both sides of the brain – organized thinking and creative thinking – in order to effectively help students grasp the topic at hand. Too often, learning means storing tidbits of […]

Best Practices – Sales Commissions

“Give and take” is a component inherent to all personal and professional relationships – a desired outcome cannot be expected if something appealing is not offered in return. It can be a match made in Heaven; however, once the balance between give and take is unstable, one partner might decide to hit the road.   […]

Advantages of Sticking to Rate Card

Ad rate discounts have been used as a bargaining tool for publications since the beginning of publishing. New customer discounts, early bird discounts, and seasonal discounts, just to name a few, can entice advertisers to make the big leap into your publication, but may not be the best way to retain them. Those who are […]

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